Wendi Francis, MS RD/LDN, CPC NLP

Wendi Francis is a recognized nutrition therapist, life coach, speaker and author. She has worked with her clients for the last 20 years, empowering them to overcome their fears and beliefs, while developing new standards for themselves and a love for life. Wendi has always believed in using various tools to aid her clients in achieving anything and everything they dream of. While doing her graduate work 20 years ago, Wendi intensely studied counseling and education in working towards her goals of working with individuals struggling with emotional and physical issues with food, eating disorders, weight loss and sports nutrition.

Wendi is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian and is a Certified Professional Life Coach with a certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Since graduate school Wendi has worked in her own private practice helping thousands of clients using various techniques to focus on the whole individual. Wendi has continued to study various therapeutic techniques, that enable her clients to become all that they desire to be: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Wendi has studied under Coach and Motivational speaker Anthony Robbins, and the world-renowned Clo© Madanes who in 2005 was recognized as a Master Therapist by the American Psychotherapy Association.

Dr. Keven Bahoora, D.C., P.C.

A Chiropractic Physician with over 20 years of experience.  In the last 10 years, he has studied extensively in nutritional biochemistry and integrative nutrition enabling his clients to benefit from his clinically driven knowledge and expertise, while empowering clients to take responsibility for their own health diagnoses.  Dr. Bahoora knows and truly believes that any individual is only as whole and healthy as the sum of their physical, physiological and psychological parts.  His mission is to enable as many individuals as possible to become healthy and begin to extinguish preventable diseases.

Elizabeth Bahoora, CPC NLP

A Certified Professional Coach, specializing in holistic weight loss, health and healing, personal empowerment, business and personal coaching.  She utilizes her extensive training in weight loss, grief, trauma and body image issues in her practice.  She is certified in weight loss coaching, strategic life coaching, neuro-linguistics programming master practitioner, nutritional training and grief coaching. Her focus is on facilitating permanent transformation for others by turning their fears around weight loss, grief, trauma and body image issues into freedom. Her multi-faceted strategies move others from reaction to action by focusing on breaking patterns, phobia cures and how to implement life changing behaviors. Elizabeth focuses on each individual providing her varied expertise on the whole person for life transformations.

Dr. Charles Francis, D.C.

While in college, Dr. Francis was introduced to the healing power of chiropractic medicine. This discovery changed his life, health, and career path in the greatest of ways. After completing his degree, Dr. Francis moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he pursued his graduate degree and his life purpose of serving others through the natural and powerful means of chiropractic medicine.

Dr. Francis chose to move to Charlotte, North Carolina to fulfill his vision of having his own family wellness chiropractic practice. Dr. Francis’s practice changed spines and improved health, creating wellness and changing the lives of families in the Charlotte, NC community. Dr. Francis takes pride in providing the highest level of corrective care possible while making it affordable for individuals and families to receive his revolutionary care. Wellness is the pinnacle of health, and Dr. Francis strives daily to be the leader of a wellness movement for the community here in Charlottesville, VA.