How many patients have you tried to help with weight loss and haven’t been able to?


At Kateli Integrative Health Center, we are passionate about weight loss.

With obesity as America’s number one epidemic, it is well documented that a healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle change are key in cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes prevention and management.  These disease states are directly correlated to obesity.  Integrated, successful and sustainable weight loss is imperative in disease prevention and management.  However, not all weight loss and body change programs are created equal as they do not address all aspects individuals need to change to be sustainably successful physically, physiologically and psychologically.

At Kateli Integrative Health Center of Las Vegas, we treat the uniqueness of each person with customized, sustainable solutions proving sustainable weight loss and life transformation that goes beyond a diet. We use a comprehensive, evidence-based approach that focuses on our patients physically, physiologically and psychologically giving them TARGETED SUCCESS.

With all of these integrated components we have found that clients not only lose the weight they had anticipated but they also keep the weight off.  Clinically speaking, we have seen short-term and long-term changes in various aspects of our client’s disease states, blood panels, blood pressure, blood sugar, and nutrient deficiencies among other indices as well.

Focusing on the physical, physiological and psychological aspects of change enables our clients to have amazing, sustainable weight loss and further success in various aspects of their lives as well.   If you have any other patients that could benefit from our programs at Kateli Integrative Health Center of Las Vegas we would be honored to help them lose weight and make this monumental change in their health and their life.

With over twenty years of nutritional studies, counseling, and education, we truly feel our team can help your patients reach their long-term goals.