Ranees Story

I’ve tried many things in my past to lose weight. From practically starving myself to taking weight loss pills. In some situations, I was, so I thought successful in my weight loss journey. The longest I kept my weight down was with phentermine pills back in 2009. Not knowing exactly what I was doing to my body. I lost about 80 pounds that time around. I was very unhealthy during this period at my lowest 112lbs. I was taking many prescriptions for migraines such as Topamax & mixing these concoctions together, wasn’t doing my body REAL justice. I was hurting myself, just not knowing it.

In 2016, I was at 189lbs. So very unhealthy. I was told I was pre-diabetic & was given a prescription for Metformin. I was told I had high cholesterol & that I had a fatty liver. I asked if I loss weight can I refrain from taking the medicine? And I was told its quite possible. I tried eating better & exercising… but the weight wouldn’t come off. I was so frustrated at myself. Why wasn’t I getting ANY results?

I attended a family members wedding in September 2016.  I was so exciting for this event, just wasn’t excited looking for something to wear. That was the hardest part was clothes shopping. I REALLY wanted to look as pretty as everyone else. I remember my sister going with me to the store Torrid. I finally found a pretty coral dress. I thought looked very well on. So, at the wedding I took a picture with the bride & groom.  When I got THAT picture, one of many taken that night was MY TURNING POINT. I knew I had to do something. I was MOST ashamed of how I looked, how unhealthy I looked. I stared at that picture for the longest. That’s not what I saw when I looked in the mirror, its what others saw. That was a reality check.

I had come across a photo of someone I’ve known for a while, on social media, that had lost a tremendous amount of weight. So here I am kind of stalking this girl, telling her how gorgeous she looks & wanting to know more about how she did it? She told me about the KATELI program that her sister was involved in. To make a long story short, I made a FREE consultation & decided that I’m going to put myself 1st & take care of me!! The best decision I ever made. I signed up October 2016 & that was the start of a new beginning for me. I wanted to change my life permanently, not just temporarily. I was given the tools & utilized them in my everyday life. Eating real food day to day. I surpassed my 140lb goal. I am now 125lbs as of today. I no longer have those underlying issues any longer. I feel more energetic & more focused. I don’t have any problems finding something nice to wear. Its just amazing how easy it is to do the plan & get RESULTS that are sustainable without a lot of exercise. The Kateli staff was very supportive & cared about me. I didn’t feel like just another client.

So, Id like to take this time to say thank you Kateli Integrative Health Center for changing my life. Thank you to the staff for supporting me & believing in me … even when I didn’t believe in myself. The work you do is out of this world. The services you guys provide are unique & I will be forever grateful!



Dons Story

I was diagnosed with Diabetes in 1985. My doctor started me on oral medications. I went through several different ones, none of which were very effective. In 1989, I began using insulin injections and have been on insulin since.
Sometime in the mid 1990’s, Glucophage was added, which I had a reaction to, so it was stopped, and my insulin was gradually increased.
After retiring in November2003, my weight began to increase. As my weight increased, so did my insulin usage. At its peak, I weighed 309 lbs., had a stroke, and was using 140 units of insulin three times daily and 70 units of Lantus twice daily. During the last 5 years, Metformin (generic Glucophage) was added to my treatment regimen. This time I had no reverse reaction. As the metformin dosage increased, the insulin dosage decreased. My most recent dosages have been a bedtime injection of 37 units of Levemir, which is similar to Lantus, and 1000mg of metformin twice daily.
I freely acknowledge that my weight gain and subsequent increase in insulin was due to my lifestyle and eating habits. My social life seemed to center on eating which usually included occasional drinks and dinner. I always enjoyed cooking and barbequing for family and friends. I had a tendency to overcook; therefore, we always had leftovers to snack on. I still have difficulty cooking for only two people.
In 2011, I had a lap band procedure and during the first year I managed to lose about 100 lbs. This helped but I was still insulin dependent, although at a reduced dosage. Over the ensuing years, I gradually gained about 20 lbs. of that weight back. As I got older and my life became more sedentary; I could not quite get down to the so called “ideal” weight for my 6’2 frame. I was healthier, but age and previous habits had all taken its toll. I had mentally accepted that I would always be overweight and diabetic.
February of this year, I began a nutrition and weight loss program with Kateli Integrative Health Center of Las Vegas. I was more interested in the nutrition aspect than the weight loss. In the month and a half that I have been working with Kateli; I have learned to both look at food and to eat differently.
My wife and I and four friends go out to dinner every Wednesday evening. We have been doing this for nearly tow years and generally have not repeated any restaurants. That is one of the benefits of living in Las Vegas. There are so many great paces to eat. A bad restaurant does not survive here very long. I still enjoy these dinners, but I have learned to be more selective in my menu choices. Sure, I sometimes miss the gooey desserts, but in general, I no longer have cravings for the sweet stuff.
I admit that since starting Kateli; I cheated once and had a pancake (I only ate 1/3 of it). I don’t feel any shame for cheating, nor do I feel deprived of not eating the way I use to, with the possible exception of bread. To quote Oprah, “I love bread”. I could still
eat anything I want, but my mentality toward food and eating has changed. Now, I simply choose to eat the Kateli way. To me this proves the old adage that you can do anything you set your mind to do, however I must add “with the proper guidance” to that saying.
Since beginning this program, I have lost 22 lbs. which is still not the “ideal weight”, but to me, this is insignificant, more weight loss will come in time. What truly pleases and excites me is that my blood sugar readings have gone from an average of above 130 to an average in the low 90’s.
Today, my doctor took me off all diabetes medication. I am now Insulin free for the first time in nearly 30 years, and I plan to remain free. I owe a huge Thank You to Kateli Integrative Health Center. You have changed my life.