Kateli Integrative Health Center is designed with YOU as our focus.

Have you ever wondered why other programs only work when you’re following them but then you gain the weight back, and often even more?  It’s because the real issues never get addressed.

Our weight loss program has 3 principal areas of focus.  We refer to this as




Psychological: focuses on disrupting the link between emotions and eating

Physiological: focuses on changing biochemistry, hormonal shifts and acid/alkaline components

Physical: focuses on weight, contour and nutrient/nutrition change

We see and enable patients to shed and maintain up to 30 pounds of weight loss in 30 days.  Most importantly for us is that we treat the uniqueness of each person with customized, sustainable solutions.

We have a Team of highly trained individuals, many of whom have gone through or are going through their own weight loss journey.  Individuals that understand where you’re at and how to meet you there to guide you to success!

More than anything, we want you to know that you’ll never just be a number.  We provide the tools, the research and science and the support to guide you from where you are at.  If you are able to follow instructions exactly as they’re given, you will have the tools for success every step of the way.


“Knowing the change and doing the change are only separated by action” — Anonymous